Published: February 2, 2024|Updated: May 6, 2024

How to Find a Former IRS Agent for Tax Services

Former IRS Agents/Officers Have the Knowledge and Experience to Solve Your Tax Problems

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You have a tax problem and you need help. Who should you call? Well, if you listen to the major review sites, they'll tell you to contact one of the nationwide firms. Unfortunately, however, these companies are hardly ever the best option. Instead, you should call a local tax professional.

There are many tax pros who focus on tax problem resolution, and to help you narrow down your search, this post takes a look at a special subset of tax problem solvers: former IRS employees. First, we look at how they can help. Then, we feature profiles of former IRS agents and officers who work on the other side of the table now.

Why You Should Avoid the Big Tax Relief Firms

If you're looking for tax relief, you need to be aware of the risks. The big tax resolution companies are part of a relatively new industry, started by unscrupulous tax pros in the late 80s. These companies invested millions of dollars into advertising but they failed to focus on services. 

Often, they kept the money and didn't solve the problem at all, leading to criminal charges and corporate shutdowns. In other cases, they provided taxpayers with overpriced solutions to their problems. After the first generation of tax resolution firms were shut down, their employees went to new firms and kept the scam going. 

Do not call these companies for help. Instead, you should reach out to a local professional. Enrolled Agents, tax attorneys, and CPAs can all represent you in front of the IRS, but even these pros aren't all the same. Tax problems are a unique part of the accounting industry, and to get the best solution to your concern, you need a pro who's experienced with tax debt resolution. As explained below, that's often a former IRS employee.

Why Hire a Former IRS Agent/Officer?

Tax pros who have worked for the IRS have an in-depth understanding of the IRS's policies and procedures. They haven't just studied the rules. They have lived with the rules day in and out. They know how the IRS operates in both theory and reality.

Former IRS officers/agents understand what IRS employees want to see when dealing with taxpayers. They have handled tax disputes and arguments from the inside, and they can often predict the IRS's questions and concerns. These pros know the best way to stop collection actions, and they use their experience to find creative solutions for their clients. 

Beyond that, former IRS employees often have an established rapport with current IRS employees. They may also know shortcuts or have direct channels into the IRS. 

IRS Experience and Enrolled Agents

An Enrolled Agent is a tax pro who can represent taxpayers in front of the IRS. If you work for the IRS for five years in a role where you have to interpret tax regulations, you earn the EA credential. Alternatively, you can become an EA by passing a three-part test on the tax code. The three parts are focused on 1) individuals, 2) businesses, and 3) representation, practice, and procedures. 

IRS Agents Vs. Officers

If you decide to hire a former IRS employee to help with your tax problems, you'll notice two main categories: agents and officers. Although people often mistake these two words, they are different. 

An IRS officer deals with collections. They personally handle delinquent accounts. They can initiate collection actions (tax liens, wage garnishments, asset seizures, etc), but they can also help taxpayers set up payment plans or other arrangements. 

IRS agents, in contrast, focus on audits. They review tax returns from individuals and businesses for accuracy. They request records to verify information presented on a return, and they may also question a taxpayer's interpretation of the tax code. IRS Special Agents also play a similar role but focus on criminal tax issues.

Types of Problems Former IRS Employees Can Help With

Former IRS agents/officers work with individual and corporate income tax, estate tax, excise tax, and payroll tax. They help individuals, partnerships, S-corps, C-corporations, trusts, estates, and non-profits. They can help with many different tax problems including the following:

A former IRS employee can help you pursue many solutions, including payment plans, offers in compromise, innocent spouse relief, and penalty abatement. They can also help you appeal IRS collection actions and assessments. 

For best results, look at the tax pros experience area — for example, some pros work more with individuals than businesses, while others are more experienced with trusts or estates. Also, consider what they did while working for the IRS, and when possible, find someone who has experience with your specific issue. 

How to Find a Former IRS Employee

Finding a former IRS employee can be difficult. Most internet searches are not going to yield the results you want. You can look through websites of local tax pros to find someone with this professional experience, but that is likely to be overwhelming and time-consuming. The best option is to use Taxcure to find tax pros who are former IRS agents. 

TaxCure is a directory of local tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents. When you search for a pro on TaxCure, you can filter the results based on experience with certain problems and solutions. You can also narrow down the list based on your state and preferred language spoken. 

To help you get started, here is a list of former IRS employees who now represent clients. If you are a former IRS agent who wants to be listed here, please contact us. We would love to talk with you about featuring you on this page or the other benefits you get with a TaxCure profile. 

Former IRS Agents/Officers Who Provide Tax Relief Services

Michael Raanan

Enrolled Agent and Former IRS Agent

President Landmark Tax Group in Tampa, Florida

Michael Raanan spent eight years working as an IRS Agent based in Los Angeles, CA, and through that time, he learned the agency's procedures inside and out. Aften becoming an Enrolled Agent, Raanan formed the Landmark Tax Group in Tampa, FL, and for the last 10+ years, he's resolved thousands of cases and saved his clients over $500 million in tax settlements. 

Herb Cantor

CPA and Former IRS Appeals Officer

CPA at MD Sullivan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Herb Cantor worked for the IRS in the Small Business, Large Business, and Appeals Divisions. He is also a CPA, a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), and holds a Masters in Taxation. During his 20+ years with the IRS, Cantor worked extensively in the Appeals divisions, resolving disputes related to individuals, small businesses, big corporations, and estates. He dealt with Trust Fund Recovery Penalties, excise taxes, civil penalties, unreported income, and issues that involved Tax Court litigation. He now leverages that extensive experience to serve clients. 

Julie Lynch

Enrolled Agent and Former IRS Revenue Officer

EA at MD Sullivan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Backed by 38 years of experience in the IRS Collection Division, Julie Lynch currently works with other former IRS agents at MD Sullivan LLC in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She is committed to helping individuals and businesses with IRS tax problems. Julie focuses on unpaid taxes, unfiled returns, and helping clients deal with collection actions such as liens and wage garnishments. 

Lawrence Danny

CPA, Certified Tax Coach, and Former IRS Civil Fraud Agent

CPA at Lawrence J. Danny CPA P.C. in Woodland Hills, California

Lawrence Danny spent four years as an IRS Civil Fraud Agent, and now, he uses that experience to help taxpayers deal with the IRS. Lawrence works with clients facing civil and criminal tax problems including audits, unpaid taxes, payroll tax issues, and unfiled tax returns. He also offers tax planning and has extensive experience with the CA FTB as well as with the IRS. 

David M. Ramirez

JD, EA, MST, USTCP, and Former IRS Agent

Tax Relief Specialist at Tax Relief Services in Honolulu, Hawaii

Based in Hawaii, David M. Ramirez is an Enrolled Agent with a Law Degree and a Master in Taxation. He's also one of the few non-attorneys allowed to practice in front of the US Tax Court. Since founding Tax Relief Services over 20 years ago, Ramirez has helped thousands of clients resolve millions of dollars in back taxes. He started his career by working as an IRS Agent and Examiner for eight years, and he uses that experience to help his clients find the best resolution for their tax problems. 

Billy L. Fauller, III

Enrolled Agent, Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, and Former IRS Revenue Officer 

Managing Member of Inside Out Tax Resolution Services in Arnold, Missouri

For nearly eight years from 2009 to 2017, Billy Fauller worked for the IRS, and he's currently the only former IRS Revenue Officer in the St Loius area with CTRS and National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI) credentials. Billy is well respected among his tax pro peers, and he has presented in front of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers numerous times. His previous professional experience with the IRS gives him insights into both sides of the process, and he uses that knowledge to negotiate the best resolutions possible for his clients. 

Jacqueline Richardson

Enrolled Agent, Former IRS Agent, and Former Sales Tax Auditor

CEO of the Society of Wealth in Galveston, TX

Jacqueline Richardson has over 40 years of experience in the tax resolution space. She worked as an agent for the IRS and as a sales tax auditor on the state level. Working for federal and state revenue agencies during audits gives Jacqueline insider knowledge of the audit process. She has an in-depth understanding of what the agencies are going to request and how the negotiations are going to play out. She brings that knowledge to every one of her clients' cases, and she works with individuals, businesses, and non-profits, dealing with income tax, payroll tax, state taxes, and excise taxes. Jacqueline is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) and the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers. 

David Yarbourgh

Enrolled Agent and Former IRS Agent

Tax Resolution Services in Mount Pleasant, SC

As a former IRS agent, David Yarbourgh has deep insights into IRS processes, and he uses that knowledge to drive results for his clients. He founded Tax Resolution Services in 1992, and through his company, he's helped 1000s of clients deal with their tax problems. In addition to helping with federal tax problems, David has dedicated experience with the North Carolina DOR, South Carolina DOR, Georgia DOR, and the Virginia Department of Taxation. 

Jacqueline Nguyen

Enrolled Agent and Former IRS Revenue Agent

CEO at Tax Relief 911 in Houston, TX

Jacqueline Nguyen worked as an IRS Agent/Auditor for over a decade. Then, she spent over 20 years as a Senior Auditor with the U.S. Department of Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TGITA) where she audited IRS operations to prevent fraud and abuse. Her 30+ years of experience gives her unparalleled knowledge of IRS operations and procedures related to collections, audits, tax assessments, and more. Now, she sits on the other side of the table with her clients, and she leverages her past experiences to get them the best resolutions possible. 

Dwight Roberts

Enrolled Agent and Former IRS Agent

President/CEO of Tax Resolution Center of Illinois in Springfield, IL 

Dwight Roberts worked as an Internal Revenue Agent for over 15 years. During that time, he examined a variety of taxpayers including individual taxpayers, partnerships, S-corps, and corporations. He worked income and payroll tax cases, and he also dealt with the Criminal Investigation Division, Appeals, and Collections. He understands how the IRS works, and he uses this knowledge to help his clients with audits, collection mitigation, appeals, and Tax Court filings. 

Cheryl Phen

Enrolled Agent and Former IRS Agent

CEO/Tax Accountant at IRS Tax X Relief & Accounting LLC

At the IRS, Cheryl Phen spent over 10 years auditing individual and business tax returns. She's also worked with many of the top national firms including Intuit, Merrill Lynch, and Lincoln Property Company. She brings that experience to the table when working with clients, and whether dealing with audits, criminal investigations, or other tax probems, she knows what the IRS wants to see and the best approach for the job. Cheryl doesn't just provide one-time solutions. She works with her clients to achieve lasting results. 

Justin Costello

Enrolled Agent and Former IRS Revenue Officer

Founder of Costello Tax Resolution in Hilliard Ohio

Justin Costello worked for the IRS for 15 years, before launching his own firm. He helps clients deal with unpaid taxes, unfiled returns, tax liens, wage garnishments, and other tax problems on the federal and state levels. He's also a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS) and a National Tax Practice Institute Fellow, and when representing clients, he uses all of his former experience and current credentials to get them the best outcomes possible. 

Find a Former IRS Agent for Tax Services Now

To get help from a former IRS agent, contact one of the pros above. Or search through the TaxCure directory to find other tax pros based in your area. If you're a pro who would like to be featured on this page, contact us directly.