Edward Babitzke

Languages Spoken: English
Iowa  -  19 Years of Experience
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About Edward Babitzke
I retired from over 32 years in Federal Service. 16 plus with the Air Force and the rest with the Internal Revenue Service. The last 14 plus years was as a Revenue Officer (RO). I am now an Enrolled Agent relieving the stress and anxiety of dealing with the IRS and state taxing authorities. This allows taxpayers to get back to what matters most to them - family, friends, business. In my work as an RO I always tried to put myself in the taxpayers shoes and work WITH them. It did me or them no good otherwise. I now take my knowledge of how things work and how to get things accomplished within the IRS helping taxpayers with fair and equitable solutions. Business clients can count on me with compliance issues, making decisions, and finding the right fit of technology, accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and more.