Guide to Tax Professionals & Tax Companies That Help Resolve Tax Issues

It is no secret that taxes are complex. The complexity of tax laws has given rise to many types of tax professionals, tax companies, and tax services. It would be nice if there was a one size fits all tax professional, but there isn’t. Below you will find guides to help you understand everything you need to know about various types of tax professionals as well as companies that employ these types of professionals to help resolve tax problems.

To find a licensed tax professional experienced in resolving your specific tax problem with the IRS or a state tax agency, start with the search below. TaxCure is a marketplace for tax problem professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds that can resolve various types of problems that are located throughout the country. The network is comprised of attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents


Tax Relief Attorney: When to Use IRS Tax Attorneys For Tax Relief

A tax attorney offers many benefits that other types of tax professionals do not offer. Typically a tax attorney is used when dealing with complex, legal, or advanced tax areas.

Enrolled Agents: How an IRS Enrolled Agent Can Help You With Taxes

An enrolled agent can represent any taxpayer with simple to very complex tax problems. Enrolled agents are licensed tax professionals that are competent in tax law. Check out this guide to understanding the types of work that enrolled agents do and details on how to find the best enrolled agent near you to help with your particular tax problem.

Former IRS Employee

Many IRS employees leave their government roles to pursue private practice. Some of these former agents/officers are CPAs or tax attorneys. Others earn the EA designation after serving for the IRS for at least five years. When you hire a former IRS employee to help with your tax problems, you get to work with someone who has in-depth knowledge about the IRS and often has connections in the agency.  

Certified Public Accountant: What a CPA is & How They Help with Taxes

CPAs are certified tax professionals that can help with a variety of tax issues and tax planning. Look at the above link to understand what you can expect a CPA to help with.

Enrolled Agents (EAs) Vs. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

Wondering if you should hire a CPA or an enrolled agent? To help you decide, this guide breaks down the differences between these two tax pros. Ultimately, both can help with IRS and state tax issues, and the most important consideration is not their professional licensing but whether or not they have experience with your specific issue. 

Certified Tax Representation Consultant (CTRC)

Certified Tax Representation Consultants are certified by the Tax Rep Network. They complete training and pass tests about five areas of tax resolution processes including IRS audits, collections, payroll tax issues, innocent spouse relief, and offers in compromise (OIC). When you hire a CTRC, you get a tax pro who's completed additional training on tax resolution strategies, and you can rest assured that the training relates to recent practices, as CTRC pros must recertify every three years.

Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS)

Certified Tax Resolution Specialists are licensed tax professionals that are certified by the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers to resolve tax problems with various taxing authorities. Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and Tax Attorneys who meet educational and experience requirements can obtain this designation by passing an exam.

Taxpayer's Guide to Tax Resolution Services

Navigating tax issues can be challenging, making the role of tax resolution services very important. This guide provides a dive into what tax resolution entails, the differences between tax relief and tax resolution, and the various services available. It also provides insights into the tax resolution process, the cost, and the types of tax professionals that can assist. This guide helps you understand how to find the best tax resolution professional and understanding the benefits of a small vs. large tax resolution firm. If you are needing tax resolution services, this guide assists you in understanding how to find the right help & what to avoid.

Finding the Best Tax Relief Company

Tax relief companies employ a variety of tax professionals that help with tax problems. They may have a team of enrolled agents, CPAs, and attorneys on staff. Most of them also employ a team of salespeople as well that handle the intake. If you are doing a search to find the best tax relief companies, you may see the same companies over and over. Are these really the best companies? Not necessarily. This guide goes over the best practices for choosing a tax relief company using credible advice from the FTC.

Avoiding the Worst Tax Relief Companies

The worst tax relief companies tend to be the big names that dominate internet searches. Look at the history of these companies, and learn why many tax relief firms have been shut down due to consumer complaints. Then, learn how to avoid the worst and find real, high-quality, trustworthy help for your tax problems. 

How to Tell If a Tax Relief Firm Is Legitimate

There are a lot of different tax relief firms. Some are huge corporations that handle thousands of cases and have a very large online presence. Others are small companies where a CPA or tax attorney handles your problem directly. Many firms are in the middle of these two extremes. To tell if a company is legitimate, you should consider its size and operational practices, but you should also look at its experience, the credentials of the tax pro working your case, and several other factors.

Find & Evaluate Licensed Tax Professionals to Solve Your Tax Issues

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Find & Evaluate Licensed Tax Professionals to Solve Your Tax Issues

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