IRS Notice CP22A: What This Notice Means and What to Do

IRS cp 22a notice

What Is a CP22A Notice?

CP22A is an official letter that the IRS sends as confirmation of changes to your tax return. In some cases, the IRS sends this notice when you have requested changes, and in other cases, this notice comes after the IRS has made updates to your return.

What Does the CP22A Notice Mean?

The notice simply explains which changes were made to your tax return and how much you owe (similar to a CP14 notice) as a result of those changes. Typically, CP22A notices deal with changes to your filing status or the number of dependents.

For instance, if you claimed a dependent that the IRS believes you were not entitled to claim, you may receive a CP22A notice.


What If You Don’t Agree with the Amount Owed on a CP22A Notice?

If you don’t agree with the CP22A, you can contact the IRS directly over the phone. Make sure to have the letter and your tax return with you so you can answer any questions.

You also have the right to appeal. Note you must start the appeals process within 60 days.

What If the CP22A Assessment Is Correct?

If the letter is correct, you should update your personal tax records accordingly. That ensures you have an accurate copy of the finalized return that has been submitted to the IRS.

Then, you should send payment to the IRS by the due date specified on the letter.

What If You Can’t Afford Your Tax Payment?

Even if you don’t have the funds to pay the bill, you should contact the IRS by the due date. Failure to contact the agency will result in a late penalty.

However, if you notify the IRS in time, you can avoid the penalty and set up a payment plan. Interest will accrue on the balance as you make payments. If you cannot afford a payment plan with the IRS you can also consider other types of settlements that are available.

What If You Need to Make Additional Changes to Your Return?

If the CP22A doesn’t cover all of the changes you made on your return, you can make additional changes. Simply, file Form 1040X, Amended Individual Income Tax Return.

If you want help appealing a CP22A notice, reach out to a licensed tax professional that has experience with appealing IRS decisions

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