Overview of Ways to Pay California State Taxes

How to pay California taxes

You can make a California tax payment online, through the mail, or in person. To pay California taxes, go to ftb.ca.gov/pay. Select your payment method and follow the link for more instructions. If you don't see your payment method, select "more options" and pick a payment option from the next page.

On ftb.ca.gov/pay, you can find instructions on how to pay California state taxes with a bank account, credit card, or payment plan. When you select more options, you will get links to paying your CA taxes with a check or money order or through electronic funds withdrawal or electronic funds transfer (only available to businesses).

How to Pay CA Taxes Online

Individual California Taxes — Pay Online

Wondering how to pay California taxes online? Go to California Web Pay. Then, use your checking or savings account to set up a payment. Individuals can pay tax bills, taxes from a current year's returns, taxes from an amended return, estimated taxes, and taxes from group nonresident/composite returns. You can also make a pending audit tax deposit or pay a proposed assessment with CA WebPay. You need your Social Security Number and last name to initiate an online payment.

California Business Taxes — Pay Online

Businesses can use California Web Pay to pay their annual taxes or fees, bills or balances due, current or amended tax returns, and estimated taxes and extensions. You should use the business payment if your business is a corporation, LLC, or partnership. Sole proprietors should pay as if they are an individual. 

To pay CA business taxes online, you need the entity type and ID number. Partnerships should use their 12-digit CA Secretary of State number or their 9-digit Franchise Tax Board ID numbers.

How to Pay Taxes With a Credit Card Online

To pay CA taxes with a credit card, go to ftb.ca.gov/pay and select "credit card" or navigate directly to the credit card payment page. Then, click the link to go to the ACI Payments website. This is a third-party company that handles payment processing for the CA Franchise Board, and it was formerly called Official Payments. 

On the ACI Payments, Inc site, select California as your state and then choose the type of tax you want to pay from the drop-down menu. The payment entity will be pre-populated when you come to this site. If you want to make a business tax payment, it will say "California Franchise Tax Board — Business Entity Taxes," and if you navigate to this payment page by selecting individual tax payment, it will say "California Franchise Tax Board — Personal Income Taxes".

Enter the amount of your payment on the next page. The following page will show your payment amount plus the processing fee. It costs 2.3% of your payment to pay with a credit card. For example, if you want to make a $500 CA tax payment, the fee will be $11.50. Once you enter the payment amount, you will need to set up an online account to complete the process.

You can pay the following individual CA taxes with a credit card: tax bill or other balance due, current tax return, payment for an extended tax return, or estimated tax payments. Businesses can pay their annual tax, tax bill, current year tax, tax from an amended return, estimated fee, estimated tax, extension, pending audit tax deposit, proposed assessment, or Secretary of State certification penalty. Sole proprietors should pay as if they are an individual.

To make a CA tax payment with a credit card over the phone, call 800-272-9829. Follow the prompts to make your payment.

How to Set Up a Payment Plan for California Back Taxes

If you can't afford to pay your CA state taxes in full, you can request a payment plan. The set-up fee is $34 for individuals and $50 for businesses. Individuals can request a payment plan online. Or they can apply through the mail by filling out Form 3567 (Installment Agreement Request) and mailing it to Franchise Tax Board PO Box 2952 Sacramento CA 95812-2952. Or you can call (800) 689-4776.

To request a tax payment plan for a business, call (888) 635-0494. If you're out of state, you should call (916) 635-0494 for a corporation, (916) 845-7166 for a limited liability company (LLC), or (916) 845-7165 for a partnership. 

You Can Use a Check or Money Order to Pay State Taxes

If you want to make an online payment with your checking account, follow the above instructions for paying CA taxes online. If you prefer to mail a paper check or pay with a money order, mail individual tax payments to this address: 

Franchise Tax Board
PO Box 942867
Sacramento CA 94267-0001

And send business tax payments to this address:

Franchise Tax Board
PO Box 942857
Sacramento CA 94257-0501

Write the check or money order to the Franchise Tax Board. Make sure to note the tax year or tax period along with your Social Security Number, Individual tax ID number, or FTB ID number on the check. Otherwise, your payment may get lost or take longer to process. 

Paying With an Electronic Funds Withdrawal

You can use tax prep software to pay with an electronic funds withdrawal (EFW). Or you can hire a tax preparer who uses a program that allows electronic payments. You can submit EFW payments for CA taxes when you file a return, or you can make standalone payments.

Banks and corporations can use an electronic funds transfer to pay the following CA taxes: bank and corporation tax, non-admitted insurance tax, real estate withholding, and resident/non-resident withholding. You must use EFT if your total tax due is over $80,000 or if you're making an estimated payment over $20,000. 


Options If You Cannot Afford to Pay California State Taxes in Full

If you cannot pay your CA state taxes in full, contact a tax pro about applying for the following tax relief programs. Follow the links for more details about each tax relief option:

Each of these options has specific eligibility criteria. To learn more, contact a CA tax pro. They will answer your questions and help you find the best payment options for your situation.

How to Make CA Estimated Tax Payments

To make an estimated tax payment, decide how you want to make the payment. Then, follow the instructions for that payment method. You can pay online through your bank account, online with a credit card, through the mail with a check or money order, or in person with a check, money order, or credit card. You can also call the CA FTB and make an estimated tax payment over the phone.

How to Pay Them in Person

To pay CA state taxes in person, go to a field office. There are offices in Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, and Santa Ana. As of November 2022, you must make an appointment if you want to pay your CA taxes in person. If you show up without an appointment, the field office will assign you to the next appointment. In some cases, you may get an appointment the same day, but in other cases, you may have to leave and return another day. 

You must use a check, money order, or credit card to pay your taxes in person. You cannot pay in cash. You can't use a credit card if you're paying for vehicle registration.

Get Help Paying Your CA State Taxes

Have questions about CA state taxes? Wondering how to pay your taxes? Want to set up a payment plan, get penalty relief, or explore other options for people who can't pay in full? Then, contact a CA tax pro today. They can help you make arrangements for your CA tax bill.

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