Wayne Scully

Languages Spoken: English
New York  -  11 Years Licensed
About Wayne Scully
Hey there, my name is Wayne Scully, owner of W. Scully, CPA, P.C., and I am a tax and business strategist. My focus is to provide solutions to landlords, flippers, and real estate pros in the NYS tristate area. My firm offers tax compliance, business consulting, and value tax planning strategies to save clients thousands of dollars. Your tax problems are unlike many other problems in your life, which often go away themselves. No! IRS problems simply continue to get worse and more costly, with new penalties and interest accrued each day. I founded W. Scully, CPA, P.C. after successfully resolving my own tax audit case in 2005. I was originally assessed $3,657, but only paid $315. I understand your pain, which fuels my passion for helping people like us. This is also why, unlike those giant tax resolution companies, I will never treat you like a number. Instead, I will be with you every step of the way until permanent resolution. I am your SUPER ADVOCATE. "TAXING YOU IS THEIR JOB, SAVING YOU IS OURS....OR, WE'LL GIVE YOU $100!"