Tammy L. Graham

Languages Spoken: English
Indiana  -  Years of Experience
About Tammy Graham
I know it can be scary dealing with the IRS. But, it is even scarier to trust Tax Resolution companies that charge high fees and make promises they can not keep. I have seen firsthand how these big companies work, putting profit before client satisfaction. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I decided to branch out on my own, provide top-notch tax resolution services, leading to the creation of Protax Advantage. For me, experience and qualifications matter! I am an Enrolled Agent with over 20 years experience in preparing taxes, a Quickbooks ProTax Advisor, and an IRS Annual filing program participant. I also have a masters degree in Accounting. What 5 Qualities Must a Tax Resolution Company Possess? For me number one is Honesty and Integrity, number two is Attention to detail, number three is being Informed and Educated, number four is being Organized and Efficient, and last but not the least being Timely! As an Enrolled Agent, I have the knowledge and experience to analyze your tax transcripts, obtain CSED dates, and make determinations on which years to file to get you into compliance with the IRS. I also offer a FREE IRS Tax Liability Consultation to discover your complete financial picture and obtain the necessary information to determine the best options available. At ProTax Advantage, I won't sell you high-dollar services you do not need or don't qualify. I will not even quote a price not until you fully understand your situation and have identified and discussed with you all the available options. I have helped hundreds of clients find solutions to their IRS tax liability problems that they can feel good about and at an affordable price!