How to Prepare for the 2010 Tax Season & Why You Should Now

June 14, 2010 | By: TaxCure Staff

tax tips for 2010

Are you interested in beginning to prepare for the 2010 tax season? Although it may sound like a long way off, it is never too early to get in the right frame of mind.

Below are three tips for those interested in getting started:

1. Use Tax and Financial Software. With the right combination, you will find it simple to track and organize expenses, income, retirement contributions, deductions, and much more. When the time comes to file your return, you will have everything you need to do so in a quick and efficient manner.

2. Keep Paper Records. To ensure that you have them on hand when the time comes to file your return. Although you may like to keep everything digital for the most part, there are still some documents that you need to hang onto. This includes everything from mortgage statements to receipts for tax-deductible expenses.

3. Look ahead. What deductions and credits will you qualify for in 2010? If you do your research now, you can make sure that you take full advantage. If you wait too long, 2010 will come and go and you will be stuck in the same position.

Can’t I take a few months off before I begin to think about my 2010 tax return? Millions of people dread filing their return. But once they do, they think this gives them the right to sit around for several months. There is no rule saying that you have to prepare in advance for the next tax season. In fact, you can sit around until April 14, 2011, and then do all your work the night before your next return is due. Of course, this is a horrible idea. Not only will waiting put you up against a tight deadline, but it could also lead to mistakes and omissions.

It is never too early to prepare for the next tax season. Even though you just filed your 2009 return, you will be doing the same for 2010 before you know it. If you begin to organize your tax situation right now, there is a better chance that you will benefit in the long run.

There are two main reasons why you should get started today:

1. Organization is very important to a successful tax return. When you start preparing yourself in advance, it is easier to stay organized.

2. Limit your tax liability by taking advantage of every deduction and credit that you qualify for. While doing this, you are increasing your chance of receiving a refund.

With these tips, you should have a better idea of how to best prepare for the 2010 tax season, as well as why now is the time to get started.