TaxCure Ranking Factors

taxcure ranking factors

Our goal at TaxCure is to increase transparency and provide taxpayers with a list of tax professionals who best fit their needs based on our technology. There are many different tax types, problems, solutions, agencies, and taxpayer types. Each situation is unique and professionals specialize. For professionals to be considered in the rankings they need to have an active license as an attorney, certified public accountant, or an enrolled agent. Each professional's background is verified and checked that they have an active license. 

TaxCure shows rankings for professionals on content pages about various tax topics as well as rankings of tax professionals based upon taxpayer's searches.

Below are some of the factors that we take into account to show the most applicable tax professionals.

  • Location to the taxpayer: While many tax pros can work remotely, we know that at times it is important to work with someone local.
  • Agencies Selected by the Tax Professional: Each professional can select the agencies they have experience with. If they don't have experience with a particular agency, then they will not show in the results for that agency.
  • Tax Problems and Solutions: Each professional selects the problems and solutions for each agency that they have experience in dealing with. Only the professionals that select the specific problems and solutions will show in filtered results.
  • Reviews: Client reviews give extra assurance that a professional did a good job working for a client with resolving a particular problem for a specific agency. 
  • Activity levels of professionals: Professionals that are not active in monitoring their account and responding to clients will be less likely to show in the results.
  • Profile Completeness Score: The higher the profile completeness score, the more weight their profile will carry in the search results. Taxpayers are more likely to interact with professionals who complete more of their profile, so to give the best user experience, the technology puts more weight on these types of profiles. 
  • Other factors -  We are always making tweaks and taking into account a variety of factors to ensure the most applicable tax professional is shown.