Vonetta F. Sutton

Languages Spoken: English
New York  -  Years of Experience
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About Vonetta Sutton
As a career changer, I found my passion for all things Taxation related, late in life. I did not want to provide public accounting services, I have spent 6 years as a Management accountant assistant for the Banking industry. I knew this was not for me. I was a Computer Science Major and changed into Economics, but I had to pick a specialalty. I could not decide on we’re I wanted to focus, so I took a break. Proudly, I am currently sharpening my skills as a Graduate student at the William Howard Taft University. There exists an unique opportunity to pursue my Masters of Science in Taxation, after my Federal confirmation as an Enrolled Agent and the amount of college credits I have accumulated over the years were evaluated. Finally, I had arrived at my destination, a major academic focus that utilized my talents. What a relief after many years of trying to find the best way for me to use my talents to help people, I was honored to learn that I can continue where I left off…concentrating on what I need to really help people: advanced research techniques, advanced tax law review, and advanced techniques to working with the tax agencies on behalf of tax payers. This is what I offer to you, my passion for all things Tax related and desire to continuously learn advanced techniques. I will be moving forward with improving how and what I can do to help you, as I have done for many friends and family members.