Vasyl  Khokhla

Vasyl Khokhla

languageLanguages Spoken: English, Polish, Spanish, German
pinNew York, New York
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About Vasyl Khokhla
Vasyl Khokhla is a visionary CPA consultant and tax resolution expert renowned for his global perspective. His illustrious career has thrived within prestigious consulting firms such as Ernst & Young, Rodl and Partner, and GreerWalker, as well as within dynamic family-owned enterprises across diverse sectors including healthcare, real estate, investment, management services, and the restaurant industry. Vasyl's foray into the healthcare realm was uniquely influenced by the colorful tapestry of his family's professions. Surrounded by the gentle hum of bees and the soothing rhythms of his hometown, Vasyl drew inspiration from his sister, a dedicated pulmonologist, and his grandfather, a seasoned veterinarian. However, it was his maternal uncle, an avid beekeeper with a remarkable immunity to bee stings, who ignited Vasyl's fascination with alternative healing methods. When founding his own company, Vasyl sought to embody the essence of his family's varied healthcare legacy. He aptly named it "The Bee Dance," symbolizing the harmonious interplay between financial management and holistic well-being that he aimed to facilitate for his clients. In addition to his financial prowess, Vasyl is multilingual, and fluent in Ukrainian, German, Polish, and Spanish, enabling him to effectively communicate and connect with clients from diverse backgrounds and cultures on a global scale. Connect with Vasyl today to discuss how his expertise can help you!