Stephan H. Brewer

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
Arizona  -  42 Years of Experience
About Stephan Brewer
After spending 20 years in the Air Force as a highly decorated Command Controller, Stephan decided to retire from a life of service to our nation. With an education in accounting and finance from a top rated university, meticulous detail oriented training, learned from running large OPS in the Air Force, Stephan decided to serve in a smaller community. In 2000 he purchased two accounting and tax offices and before 2003 had built the practice to five offices throughout Phoenix Metro area. Having a large practice that was consistently growing at a rate of 30% per year meant that the practice saw large numbers of tax problems resulting from errors found in the returns of new clients. It became rare when the firm did not amend several of the returns of our new clients. The firm became so successful at tax resolution, tax preparation and tax planning; in 2006 it became our primary focus. Stephan being the consummate learner studied the practices of all of the large firms in the industry and sought out all education specific to the industry. Stephan has since received the coveted certification as a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist from the American Society of Tax Problem Solver, a Master Degree in Tax from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and the NTPI Fellow designation from the National Association of Enrolled Agents.