Sandhya Jindal

Languages Spoken: English
New Mexico  -  15 Years of Experience
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About Sandhya Jindal
"The hardest thing to understand in the world is INCOME TAX" - Albert Einstein. This is what we get to work on for our clients. As a CPA, my journey to income tax resolution started when a gentleman walked over to our Marketing booth and looking at his body language, I could tell he was nervous, scared, and suffocated. We immediately setup an appointment to visit via a zoom call and he at first was hesitant to open up and tell me his problems but when I assured him that he is in a safe space, he broke down and told me about his problems with the IRS and how it is affecting him personally, his marriage, and his child's future. He even wanted to sell his business and sell his ancestral home that he had saved to sell to pay for his son's college, just so that he could payoff his IRS debt. At that moment, I knew I had to do something to help...immediately there on, my colleague and I brought him on as a client and provided him the representation he needed in front of the world's most notorious debt collecting agency The IRS. Our work with him helped him save his business, his life, his marriage and his retirement. Since then I have seen and worked with many businesses and families that are in similar situation or even worse...WE ARE HERE TO REPRESENT YOU AND THIS IS OUR PROMISE, WE WILL WORK DAY IN AND DAY OUT TO BRING YOU THE BEST POSSIBLE TAX OUTCOME THAT IS OUT THERE AND YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH ANY OF THE IRS AGENTS, WHEN WE ARE REPRESENTING YOU!