Joe K. Mastriano

Languages Spoken: English
Texas  -  43 Years of Experience
About Joe Mastriano
For over 40 years, Joe has been helping people resolve their most difficult tax matters. He has worked extensively with clients who have tax liabilities, but he also helps individuals and businesses overcome issues related to audits or unfiled tax returns.  Joe has watched tax complications distract people from the joy and excitement they felt when they launched their careers or started their businesses, and he strives to provide his clients with services that put an end to their stress.  Poor accounting records, unfiled returns, and paying over-inflated tax bills can make your job or business feel like a chore. But Joe's services help you get your accounting records and tax returns in order. His motto is — “Let’s put an end to the stress. Let’s fix what’s wrong and let our professions and businesses be an empowering force in our lives.”   Joe graduated magna cum laude from SUNY Buffalo, one of the top state schools in New York. After graduation, he worked for Arthur Young, a big-eight accounting firm, and in 1980, he launched his own CPA firm. After specializing in taxpayer representation for several years, the firm became a referral source for other CPAs and attorneys.  Don't let tax problems drain the joy from your life. Call Joe now — before the IRS and creditors get to you first.