Jacqueline Nguyen

Languages Spoken: English, Vietnamese
Texas  -  <1 Year Licensed
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About Jacqueline Nguyen
JACKIE KNOWS THE IRS. SHE HAS AUDITED THEM! Jackie has had a decorated tax and auditing career of over 33 years of combined experience with the IRS and the most powerful IRS watchdog – the Department of Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). During her tenure with the IRS and TIGTA, Jackie has dealt with all levels and aspects of IRS Organizations. As an IRS REVENUE AGENT, Jackie conducted taxpayer audits, controlled interviews, demanded records, detected fraud, and had the power to assess additional federal taxes and penalties. As a TIGTA SENIOR AUDITOR, she conducted audits and inspections that improved IRS operations with the focus on preventing fraud, waste, and abuse at the IRS. These experiences make Jackie uniquely skilled in all aspects of IRS operations, specifically, the Examination and Collection divisions of the IRS. Jackie utilizes her knowledge of the IRS system to help clients in all their dealings with the IRS. But most importantly, she strives toward getting her clients back on the right path to financial stability and tax freedom. With her career with the IRS/TIGTA spanning over three decades, her inside knowledge of the agency is commendable. In addition, she has exceptional negotiating skills. As a result, she aggressively navigates her clients through the toughest IRS’s aggressive audits and collection actions with ease and confidence. To clients, Jackie is humble, kind, and considerate, and is undetectable to the eyes as an Ex-IRS and TIGTA Agent. She is very thorough and treats every client with kindness, empathy, dignity, and respect. She has had the privilege to work with diverse groups of clients and businesses from all walks of life. Jackie will ease her client into the conversation by asking: “What Would You Ask a Former IRS Auditor?”. As a devoted tax professional, Jackie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Texas Tech University and the IRS Enrolled Agent license (the highest tax credential award by the Department of Treasury as a federally licensed tax practitioner specializing in tax preparation with the unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS in all 50 states). Furthermore, she is an active member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS), the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), and the Texas Society of Enrolled Agents (TxSEA). When Jackie is not solving tax problems, she volunteers at the Salvation Army and contributes her tax knowledge to special need groups in the community. LET FORMER IRS AGENT HELP YOU END YOUR IRS PROBLEM. $0 INITIAL CONSULTATION.