Albert K. Yuen

Languages Spoken: English
Texas  -  11 Years Licensed
About Albert Yuen
Albert K Yuen, CPA has dedicated his life to solving individual and business IRS tax problems and help them to get their financial life back. Albert has represented hundreds of taxpayers who owe the IRS but cannot afford to pay. He has been a sought after speaker for various professional organizations. As the founder and owner for the AL Yuen, PLLC, Albert K Yuen is a Texas licensed Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, a Certified Information Technology Professional, a licensed Real Estate Broker, and Investor. Mr. Yuen's former experience included being an advisory director for a national bank, a registered investment advisor, various technical and management positions with Fortune 500 companies, and a board member for the Entrepreneurs Society of America. Since 1991 Mr. Yuen has been focusing on helping with a great passion for individuals, businesses, and private investors to be successful in an ever-changing tax, regulation, and financial environment.