Published: July 5, 2024

National Tax Practice Institute: Professional Training for Tax Resolution Professionals


The National Tax Practice Institute offers education and training to help tax resolution professionals build knowledge and improve their skills. If you're getting ready to hire a certified tax professional, this designation shows that the tax pro has completed additional training. If you are a tax pro, the NTPI can help you improve and build your practice.

Tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents can enroll in this three-level program if they want to enhance their knowledge and improve how they help their clients. The three-level series covers IRS codes, regulations, processes, and agency structure. Keep reading to learn how this designation can help you learn more about tax resolution and how best to serve your clients.

What Is the NTPI?

The National Tax Practice Institute is an educational opportunity for tax resolution professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills. It includes in-person and/or online learning opportunities, and once you complete all three levels of the program, you become an NTPI Fellow.

This designation helps you to stand out from the competition, but perhaps, more importantly, it gives you advanced training on how to represent your clients more effectively and run your firm more successfully.

How to Become an NTPI Fellow in 2024

To become an NTPI Fellow, you must be a tax attorney, CPA, or enrolled agent. Then, you must complete all three levels of the program. Most people take several years to work through all of the credits.

In 2024, Level 1 is available online, and you have up to a year to complete the courses. Level 1 is also available through the NAEA 2024 Tax Summit in Orlando from July 14 to July 17, 2024, which you can attend in person or virtually. Level 2 is also available online or at the July Tax Summit in-person or through live stream. Level 3 is available online or in person in Washington, DC from November 12-15, 2024.

Benefits of Membership

Becoming an NTPI Fellow helps you learn more about tax resolution strategies and how to grow your firm. Once you're a Fellow, we get additional benefits such as exclusive ask-an-expert webinars, access to the annual grad courses, and networking opportunities.

NTPI Curriculum

The NTPI curriculum is organized into three different levels. Most people take a few years to complete all three levels and become a fellow, and then, after that, they often do the graduate-level courses to continue their education. Even if you don't finish a level, you will still get continuing education credits for the courses you have completed within the level. 

Here's a breakdown of what you can expect to learn from each level.

NTPI Level One Curriculum

By the time you complete level one, you should be able to review IRS transcripts and case data to find the best resolution method. You will also understand how to get people with unfiled tax returns back into compliance, how to deal with notices about underreported income, and how to set up payment plans. This level provides 24 continuing education credits including two credits focused on ethics, including the following:

  • Introduction to Representation
  • Statute of Limitations
  • IRS Examination Process
  • IRS Collection Process
  • IRS Transcript Analysis
  • Non-filers and SFR Assessment
  • Intro to Exam
  • Overview of Collection Alternatives

If you take Level 1 online, you have up to a year to complete the courses or you lose access. The NAEA reports your credits to the IRS on a monthly basis, so you will get credits as you go along even if you haven't completed the full level.

NTPI Level Two Curriculum

In level 2, you learn how to challenge an audit assessment, how to appeal collection actions, how to get levies released, how to request penalty abatement, how to represent clients during office examinations, and how to file offers in compromise. In situations where there are multiple options, you learn how to find the best option for your client. 

Here are the continuing education courses in this level:

  • FOIA Requests 
  • Internal Revenue Manual 
  • The Audit Reconsideration Process 
  • Office Audit Case Study 
  • Enforced Collection Actions 
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Collection Appeals
  • Examination Appeals 
  • Penalty Abatement Strategies 
  • Introduction to Business Representation 
  • Ethics (Level 2) 
  • Case Management Strategies
  • Capstone Course (Level 2) 

NTPI Level Three Courses

In level three, you learn how to challenge tax assessments, how to help clients claim innocent spouse relief, how to represent clients in IRS field examinations, how to contest tax liens and trust fund recovery penalties. You also learn how to work with attorneys on bankruptcy cases. 

Continuing ed courses include the following:

  • Advanced Financial Analysis
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Process 
  • Introduction to Criminal Tax
  • Bankruptcy and Taxes
  • Lien Defenses
  • Spousal Relief
  • Business Entity Examination Issues
  • Tax Research and Resources
  • Advanced Appeals
  • Field Audit Case Study
  • Marketing 
  • Ethics (Level 3)
  • Capstone Course (Level 3)

Grad-Level Curriculum

You don't have to complete any continuing education to maintain your NTPI Fellow status. However, if you desire to go beyond the three levels, the grad level curriculum includes the following two credit continuing education courses as well as four electives:

  • Advanced Collections Case Study
  • Representation Update 
  • Practice Management and Marketing
  • New Case Law Relevant to Representation
  • Ethics 

The content of these courses changes annually, and many NTPI Fellows use the grad courses to keep up with the continuing education requirements they need to maintain their status as an attorney, CPA, or enrolled agent. 


How Much Does NTPI Training Cost?

As of 2024, levels one, two, and three are available online for $620 for NAEA members and $1100 for non-members.

If you opt to do level one or two in person at the Tax Summit, tickets range from $900 to $1200 for members and $1200 to $1500 for nonmembers. The live stream is $750 for members and $1,200 for non-members. There are also day passes available if you only want to go to part of te conference. 

Level three in Washington, D.C. is $800 to $1000 for NAEA members. It's $1200 to $1400 for non-members. The live stream is $720 for members and $1100 for non-members.

Enhance Your Tax Resolution Skills by Become an NTPI Fellow

If you focus on tax resolution, consider upgrading your credentials by becoming an NTPI Fellow. This program is also great for tax pros who want to branch out into tax resolution work during the off-season or to enhance the offerings at their firm. To start the process, go to the NTPI page of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) website.

To learn more about how to grow and improve your tax practice, check out our professional guides page which includes links to educational resources about how to offer tax resolution services, how to buy leads, how to acquire new clients consistently, and how to become a Certified Tax Representation consultant (CTRC), and more. 

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