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About The Baldwin Tax Group
The Baldwin Tax Group represents clients who have a tax liability, need a payment arrangement, need to resolve a past or current tax debt, or need assistance with innocent/injured spouse relief. Our team will assist clients with compliance by filing any past due tax returns. The Baldwin Tax Group does not represent clients in United States Tax Court, or the United States District Court and the Federal Court of Claims; however, we do partner with various firms that handle federal and state tax matters, criminal tax investigations and prosecutions. Our goal is to resolve our clients’ tax issues successfully in an efficient and timely manner.
Tax Agencies Serviced (compilation from professionals listed with this company)
Federal Tax Agencies
  • Internal Revenue Service
State Tax Agencies
  • Alabama Department of Revenue
  • California Franchise Tax Board (CA FTB)
  • Florida Department of Revenue
  • Georgia Department of Revenue
  • Illinois Department of Revenue
  • Indiana Department of Revenue
  • Comptroller of Maryland
  • North Carolina Department of Revenue
  • Ohio Department of Taxation
Tax Types Serviced
  • Corporate Tax
  • Excise Tax
  • Alcoholic Beverage Tax
  • Fisheries Related Taxes
  • Tobacco Tax
  • Oil & Gas Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Employment/Payroll Tax
  • State Sales & Use Tax
  • State Cannabis Tax
  • Gift Tax/GST Tax
  • Highway Use Tax
  • Estate Tax (Form 706)
  • Estate & Trust Income Tax (Form 1041)
Taxpayer Types Serviced
  • Individuals
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • S-Corporations
  • C-Corporations
  • Expatriates
  • Partnerships/Multi-Member LLC
Tax Professionals currently at The Baldwin Tax Group
Tiesha Baldwin
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3 Reviews
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Customer Reviews of Licensed Professionals
Tiesha Baldwin  Rated by Anonymous on Oct 29, 2022
Illinois Department of Revenue
Tax Audit or Examination
Inheritance Tax Preparation
Internal Revenue Service
Audit or Examination
Individual Tax Preparation
Tiesha Baldwin  Rated by Qiana A on Oct 28, 2022
Illinois Department of Revenue
Tax Penalties
Penalty Abatement
Internal Revenue Service
Past Due Tax Return, Tax Penalties
Business Tax Preparation, IRS Transcript Analysis
Tiesha Baldwin  Rated by Angela W on Oct 13, 2021
Illinois Department of Revenue
Unpaid Taxes, Criminal or Tax Evasion, 100% Penalty Assessment, Tax Audit or Examination, Franchise Tax Issues
Amend Tax Returns, Business Tax Preparation, Offer In Compromise, Penalty Abatement, Individual Tax Preparation
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