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About dc Tax, LLC
dc Tax, LLC, owned and operated by David Collins, EA, a retired IRS Revenue Officer from the Chattanooga, TN IRS office, is a tax relief company dedicated to helping small businesses and individuals with IRS tax problems. The firm is committed to providing tax resolutions with superior service, offering affordable and fair rates, and never turning down a client based on their ability to pay. After approximately 15 years with the IRS, David started dc Tax, LLC, driven by a passion to better serve taxpayers and to glorify God in his work. Collins emphasizes honesty and hard work, promising to use his extensive knowledge and experience to provide the best possible outcomes under the law for his clients, always keeping their interests first. If you are facing an IRS tax issue, whether it be unfiled returns, unpaid taxes, contact dc Tax, LLC today.
Tax Agencies Serviced (compilation from professionals listed with this company)
Federal Tax Agencies
  • Internal Revenue Service
Tax Types Serviced
  • Corporate Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Employment/Payroll Tax
  • Highway Use Tax
Taxpayer Types Serviced
  • Individuals
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • S-Corporations
  • C-Corporations
  • Non-Profits/Charities
  • Partnerships/Multi-Member LLC
Tax Professionals currently at dc Tax, LLC
David W. Collins
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