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About Best Tax Solutions LLC
Best Tax Solutions, LLC is based in Fayetteville, Georgia and provides a variety of tax services including but not limited to: tax problem resolution, tax preparation, and tax planning. The firm is headed by Yvette Best, an Enrolled Agent licensed by the US Department of the Treasury who can represent taxpayers in front of the IRS and state agencies in all fifty states. If you are facing an IRS or state tax issue, contact Yvette today.
Tax Agencies Serviced (compilation from professionals listed with this company)
Federal Tax Agencies
  • Internal Revenue Service
State Tax Agencies
  • Alabama Department of Revenue
  • Georgia Department of Revenue
  • Louisiana Department of Revenue
  • New Jersey Department of Revenue
  • New York State Department of Taxation
  • North Carolina Department of Revenue
  • South Carolina Department of Revenue
Tax Types Serviced
  • Corporate Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Employment/Payroll Tax
  • State Sales & Use Tax
  • Highway Use Tax
Taxpayer Types Serviced
  • Individuals
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • S-Corporations
  • C-Corporations
  • Non-Profits/Charities
  • Partnerships/Multi-Member LLC
Tax Professionals currently at Best Tax Solutions LLC
Yvette D. Best
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