Tyrone J. Taylor

Languages Spoken: English
Tennessee  -  Years Licensed
About Tyrone Taylor
Hello taxpayers! I am an experienced tax representation professional that has assisted hundreds of individual and small business taxpayers all over the country. I've been a tax professional for 15 tax seasons, and I enjoy working with taxpayers who have had long-term issues with the IRS. My company is called Nashville Tax Relief, but being an Enrolled Agent, I am licensed to work with taxpayers in all 50 states, and I work with anyone regardless of their geographic location. I am also the owner of ProTax Education - an IRS Continuing Education firm dedicated to teaching tax professionals how to represent taxpayers in front of the IRS. My goal when I work with a taxpayer is to "Stop the Cycle of Tax Paralysis" So - what is "Tax Paralysis"? Tax Paralysis is when a taxpayer who has fallen behind in their taxes is "paralyzed into inaction". They are worried about what the IRS may do if they DON'T file their taxes. But, they are also scared about what the IRS will do if they DO file their past due taxes. So - they do nothing. My goal is to break that cycle - and get you on the road to resolving your tax issues. Unlike other tax "resolution" firms, I don't over-promise, and under-deliver. I will tell you what I believe is your best possible solution long-term, and what steps it will take to get you there. Some people may not like I don't promise what they want, but that's OK. I prefer to work with people who are honest about their situation - just as I am honest about helping them. If you are interested in working with me, feel free to contact me for a free consultation. Good luck in resolving your tax issues, and no matter what... "Break the Cycle of Tax Paralysis!"