Lorraine F. Kearn

Languages Spoken: English
New Hampshire  -  Years Licensed
About Lorraine Kearn
I worked for the Internal Revenue Service for almost 32 years. For the last 18 years of my career, I was a Taxpayer Advocate. As an Advocate, my job was to look at the issues from the taxpayer's point of view and present the facts and circumstances to employees of the IRS. A good number of the times the objective was to get an auditor to accept the taxpayer's documentation for what I considered allowable deductions. I also spent a lot of time helping taxpayers with IRS bills they couldn't pay. One of the first things I do is ask the taxpayer if they agree with the balance and if they don't. Why? A lot of balances are generated from erroneous information or income already on the return, just on the wrong line. I retired from the IRS in June 2018, took a couple of years off to play with my new grandsons. I was starting to get a little bored, as I've never been a full-time domestic engineer. I decided to open a little Tax preparation office for myself and hope to focus on helping people resolve problems they have with the IRS whether it's an audit or collection issue. Liens, levies, seized property, I've worked cases like that during my career. I offer a free one-hour consultation so please, whatever you do, meet with me before you call a heavily advertised toll-free number that promises a lot but delivers little. Those companies only have an A+ rating with the BBB because they respond to complaints. As long as they are responsive, it doesn't count against them. So spend an hour with me before you waste a bunch of money on a large company that will consider you just another account and not the person that you are.