Karla  Navarro Rodriguez

Karla Navarro Rodriguez

languageLanguages Spoken: English, Spanish
pinBerkeley, California
About Karla Navarro Rodriguez
Karla is a licensed tax professional who is passionate about helping taxpayers, both business and individuals, who are facing difficulties with the IRS and/or state. With her expertise and knowledge, she is able to help her clients find the best possible solution for their specific tax problem. One of Karla's specialties is abating penalties and negotiating with the IRS or state to lower the total taxes due. This has led to her receiving excellent reviews from her clients, who appreciate her dedication and ability to achieve great results. Karla is the founder of "My Tax Problems Solved," a business that specializes in solving tax problems for individuals and businesses. As an Enrolled Agent with the IRS for the last 3 years, Karla is able to serve clients nationwide, with a special focus on the states of California and Florida. If you are facing tax issues, don't hesitate to reach out to Karla at "My Tax Problems Solved." She is ready and willing to help you navigate the process and find a resolution that works best for you.