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Carlos Samaniego

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About Carlos Samaniego
Carlos is the Founder of TDC, LLC. Carlos Samaniego, EA, didn't file his own taxes for 8 years. (He divulges this in his book, so I'm not sharing anything here that I shouldn't be, FYI.) What motivated Carlos to get his act together and finally file all those past year returns? Well, a wage garnishment from the Franchise Tax Board was a motivating factor, for sure. But also: he was about to get married, and he didn't want to be "living a lie" with his wonderful then-fiance and now-wife, Liz (who now works with him in his tax biz). There can be a lot of marital problems that come along with one spouse not filing taxes. Lot of concealing. Lot of lying. Fear. Panic. Judgement. Et cetera! Nowadays, when Carlos consults with a people with tax problems and non-filer client who's married or moving towards marriage, he gives it to him straight, along the lines of As an Enrolled Agent, Carlos is also an NTPI Fellow®. This is an elite group of professionals with significant expertise in representing taxpayers before the IRS. He has spent the last 19 years helping clients and customers all over the country get out of financial trouble and problems with the IRS. Carlos is a highly sought-after speaker and has traveled extensively across the country teaching, speaking, and helping small businesses, professionals, and consumers with their tax problems. You can also hear him and his acclaimed guests giving wise tax advice on his podcast, Tax Consultant Podcast, and on his YouTube channel. His dedication to helping clients from every walk of life has earned him 2020 Tax Professional of the Year Award!