Social Media Tools the IRS Uses Help You with Your Taxes

May 14, 2012 | By: TaxCure Staff

irs social media toolsWhen we think of the IRS, few of us think about social media. However, the IRS does recognize that many taxpayers use social media regularly. As a result, you can get answers to tax questions, and get helpful tips year-round by taking advantage of the social media tools offered by the IRS.


If you are looking for daily tax tips, as well as announcements, you can take to Twitter to follow different accounts. Here are some of your options for Twitter help from the IRS:

  • @IRSnews: This the Twitter feed that offers regular tax tips, as well as important announcements. Keep up with the latest from the IRS all year.
  • @IRStaxpros: Get help and guidance if you are a tax professional. Even if you aren’t a tax professional, the insights can be useful as you prepare your taxes, or figure out which deductions to take.
  • @IRSenEspanol: Spanish speakers can get the tax information they need with the help of this Twitter feed.


Looking for helpful information in video form? The IRS YouTube Channel offers just what you need. You can get the latest tax tips, as well as how-to information on filing taxes (including using IRS Free File). You can also find helpful videos on issues that affect you, but might not be directly related to taxes, such as identity theft. There is also a playlist for small business tax videos.

In addition to YouTube videos in English, the IRS also offers videos in American Sign Language and in Spanish.


If you are looking for audio-only, podcasts can be of help. These short recordings can help you with specific tax topics. Whether you are trying to make the tax deadline, or whether you are doing your best to plan ahead for the coming year, these podcasts can be helpful. IRS podcasts are available on iTunes (take them with you), or in the Multimedia Center on the IRS website. You can also find transcripts of the podcasts in the Multimedia Center.


You can download this application to help you get updates to your tax refund status. The IRS2Go app is available on iPhone (and other Apple mobile devices) and Android devices. You can check your tax refund, and you can also receive tax updates and other news. It’s a simple way to access important IRS information no matter where you are.


As you might imagine, the widgets are more for those visiting a website you might have. These widgets are designed to help visitors to websites find information on the IRS quickly and easily. These widgets are often found on social networks and blogs related to taxes. They take visitors directly to the common information they might be looking for. Even though you might only use the widgets as a way to help others visiting a site you have, they are still an interesting tool that indicates the interest the IRS has in outreach to taxpayers.

It’s important to understand, though, that the IRS can’t answer questions through these social media outlets, and that you need to be vigilant in keeping your personal information safe. These social media tools can be helpful to you, and provide you with information, but if you need personalized help from an IRS representative, you need to use the contact channels on the IRS website.