Actor Cary Elwes Gets Sawed by the IRS with $68k in Back Taxes

November 22, 2010 | By: TaxCure Staff

Cary Elwes Deals With IRSIvan Simon Cary Elwes, more commonly known as Cary Elwes has now joined the ever-growing list of past celebrities who have defaulted on their taxes. An English actor (maybe a reason he is having US tx problems) made a name for himself with performances in classic films such as “The Princess Bride,” “Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” and the well-known comedy, “Liar Liar.” It looks like Elwes won’t be able to sneak his way out of this one though as the IRS is after him for a substantial $68,648 in back taxes. This film star and his wife, Lisa, were hit with this burdensome tax lien on September 13th in Los Angeles according to the Detroit News.

While Elwes has so far refused to comment he will hopefully have some cash flowing in soon from his multiple 2010 projects which include productions such as “Saw 3D” and “Psych 9.”