Charles Dutton Under Fire From IRS

September 28, 2010 | By: Manuel Vetti

charles dutton tax problem

Actor Charles S. Dutton has made a name for himself through his Emmy worthy acting, but his record is not as clean as the characters he often portrays. With the start of college football season, it may be hard to watch television without spotting Dutton’s face, known for his notorious role in the Notre Dame centered film, “Rudy.” Dutton’s claim to fame extends to television series’ as well, including “The Roc” and more notably “House MD.” Charles Dutton has now turned to directing and writing an Indie film that is due to premier within the year centering on President Obama, entitled, “The Obama Effect.” Hopefully this picture will generate some much-needed funds for Dutton who has recently come under fire by IRS.

Legal problems are nothing new for this ex-con who now faces fees of nearly $400,000 in tax liens. In April the state of California charged Dutton $25,500 for a tax lien filed against an office building in none other than Beverley Hills. The IRS then filed a $354,614 tax lien against the star in July and was quickly followed by the state of Maryland
who placed a slightly less painful lien of $12,425 against his extravagant house in Marriottsville, Maryland.

Dutton has so far failed to comment on his tax issue.