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August 14, 2012By: Manuel Vetti

As the United States Olympic team heads back from a very successful showing in the 2012 London Olympics the IRS is eagerly awaiting their return. U.S athletes are responsible for paying income tax on any winnings that they had overseas and some tax law precedence also says that they must pay taxes on the actual value of the medals they received.

April 15, 2012By: Manuel Vetti

Many people claim having a sense of humor will get you through the most difficult of times – what’s more challenging than parting with your hard earned money to pay your income taxes? Everyone from politicians to comedians and authors has had something to say about the United States tax system – here are the top 25 funny tax quotes we’ve found:

March 7, 2012By: Manuel Vetti’s version of “what tax accountants do”. Please comment below and let us know what you like and don’t like about this. Also, please share with your accounting friends.

June 29, 2011By: Manuel Vetti

Protestors from the direct action group Art Uncut crashed U2’s long-awaited headline performance at the Glastonbury Festival this past Friday, June 24th.  A group comprised of artists and musicians, Art Uncut organizes creative events in opposition to major public service cuts – which involve music, comedy and short talks – in order to inform, inspire and motivate the public to action.

November 12, 2010By: Manuel Vetti

Scam artists have found a new way to steal people’s confidential information by posing as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Identity theft has become a topic of much concern, especially in the last year. These scammers have become masters at the game. Learning how to spot a scam and protect your identity while still benefiting from all that technology has to offer is the key to staying safe.

October 6, 2010By: Manuel Vetti

October 15th, 2010 is quickly approaching. This is an important date for the millions of taxpayers that filed for a 2009 tax filing extension. This deadline is important to not miss because after this date taxpayers can face some serious tax penalties and interest for unfiled or unpaid taxes. Below are some important factors to keep in mind about the October 15th deadline.

October 2, 2010By: Manuel Vetti

In an attempt to collect Illinois back taxes the state of Illinois is implementing a tax amnesty program. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn plans this tax amnesty program will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to help Illinois’s struggling economy.

May 27, 2010By: Manuel Vetti

An IRS tax levy really is a last resort collection mechanism used by the IRS. Before the IRS begins to levy there should be fair warning to the taxpayer and the levy should not be a surprise. The IRS offers up many different mechanisms to the taxpayer to get back into compliance with the IRS and if the taxpayer fails to use any of these mechanisms the IRS will continue to get harsher and harsher until it finally begins to levy.

May 27, 2010By: Manuel Vetti

When it comes to issuing penalties the IRS shows no remorse. They have computers that automatically generate penalty after penalty depending upon what the taxpayer did wrong. One good thing to know is that the IRS is actually pretty lenient with allowing taxpayers to remove the penalties that they owe. Before the IRS will remove the penalties the taxpayer must give proof to the IRS that they had a legitimate reason for not complying with IRS regulation. The IRS will accept a wide variety of excuses and will review each request on a case by case basis. The official term used for removing penalties with the IRS is IRS penalty abatement. Below are some of the common reasons the IRS will allow a taxpayer to abate their penalties.